The Most-Played Xbox Live Enabled Games For 2007 Were…

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Microsoft has released the list of the most played games on the Xbox 360 over the past year. Obviously they can only count games played on a Live connected Xbox 360, but the list looks fair enough.

1) Halo 3
2) Gears of War
3) Call of Duty 4
4) Rainbow Six Vegas
5) Call of Duty 3
6) Crackdown
7) Oblivion
8) Guitar Hero II
9) Forza 2
10) Lost Planet

Nothing much to suprising there except that Call of Duty 4, which was only released towards the end of the year, has arrived just behind the behemoth that is Gears of War. No comment on Halo 3 and what on earth is Lost Planet doing there?

As for Arcade titles

2) Worms
3) Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
4) UNO
5) Bomberman LIVE
6) 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
7) Sonic The Hedgehog
8) Pinball FX
9) Geometry Wars
10) Texas Hold ’em

TMNT as the top title? Not sure if that is sad or not….

Xbox Live: Your Most-Played Xbox Live Games For 2007 Were…

Last Updated: January 5, 2008

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