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The mysterious door in Demon’s Souls has finally been unlocked

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Just a few days ago, we wrote up a story on Demon’s Souls and its new mystery door. It was a strange new inclusion to the game, a puzzle not found in the original PlayStation 3 release. The developer of the remake, Bluepoint Games, has clearly been trying to give dedicated From Software fans something new to discover which obviously caused a mad dash to see who could open the door first. Many tried hitting it in excess, balancing the World Tendency in different ways, and even collecting a series of gold coins but none of those turned out to be the answer.

Although the coins were a good guess.

Distortion2, a streamer who’s been working to crack the case, realised that the key to opening the door was obtained by collecting 30 Ceramic Coins and trading them with one of the game’s NPCs, Sparkly the Crow. The Ceramic Coin is a new item that’s been added to the Demon’s Souls remake and bears a pattern similar to the one found on the door, which was as good a lead as any. Trading in the coins, Sparkly gives you A Rusted Key. HMMMM. I wonder what that could be used for? Take a stroll back to the door now and it’ll open no problem.


On the other side you’ll find a veranda and a corpse holding a full set of Penetrator armour. Please, no giggling. This is Demon’s Souls, it’s serious work only. Bluepoint captured the moment with a screenshot captioned with “Wish you were here!” while tagging a whole load of Souls content creators. Rather cheeky of them but all in good fun at the end of the day.

Last Updated: November 20, 2020

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