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The new Xbox Dashboard Update rolls out, kicks pirates in the shins

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The new “Spring” Dashboard update has started rolling out, and will soon be mandatory for all connected consoles. As we told you earlier, the update doesn’t add very much – just support for a new disc format and Paypal support.

One thing it apparently does do – as we speculated – is give Xbox 360 pirates a hard time.

According to the seedy underside of the internet, the update not only flashes the console with a new dashboard, but because it prepares drives for the new format it also goes and hilariously re-flashes the console’s DVD-drives with stock, original firmware. As you may or may not know, the principal method used for piracy on the Xbox 360 is through the use of modified firmware for the DVD drive that allows it to read copied discs.

Putting this hacked firmware on Xboxes is a bit of a pain, requiring the console to be opened and its internals mucked about with; something that’s beyond the grasp of your average user. One such firmware allows pirates to still connect to Xbox Live and play games with those of us who actually buy games – and this latest firmware should boot them off the service. It also renders previously working “backups” unplayable.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though, as clever pirates have already figured out a way of bypassing the new security, and just need to implement it. Microsoft will presumably keep doing this with each update, making playing pirated game a nuisance.

Source: Justpushstart

Last Updated: May 20, 2011

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