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The PlayStation 5 controller is rumoured to last 4-5 hours longer than the Dualshock 4

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The DualShock 4 is a sleek, sexy iteration of the now iconic PlayStation controller. It features some really neat and unexplored features, a snazzy little flashy bit on the back and the battery life of a knock-off Transformers toy who’s voice is turning into the audible experience of melted wax right before your very ears. This is all just an overblown way of saying that the DualShock 4 has a garbage battery, something which is pretty important given that it’s sold as a wireless controller that doesn’t require your bulky AA batteries to survive. It has always been a huge design flaw in this generations’ PlayStation controller, which is probably why Sony is determined to overhaul the device.


Starting out life as a second-hand report that circulated reddit, the rumour of the boosted battery life is one that obviously should be taken with a grain of salt, despite the video evidence of the poster proving they have access to the DualSense controller. The now deleted reddit post shared the user’s thoughts on the peripheral after playing with it for some time, including the now extended battery time. Apparently the DualSense is able to last around 3 to 4 hours longer than it’s older sibling which is…fine. It’s an improvement, sure, but as Darryn so eloquently said to me this morning his, “Switch controller only needs to be recharged every time Haley’s Comet passes by.” Never a man for understatement, that Darryn.


Beyond that better battery, the reddit user also described some of the more tangible assets of the device, stating that the face buttons feel almost identical to the DualShock 4, R1 and L1 feel more like triggers than bumpers and L2 and R2 are apparently tighter even without the activated tension points. Not like our fingers needed more strain but cool, whatever charges your controller, Sony.

Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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