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The powers of Dishonored 2 will have more non-lethal options

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Dishonored was an interesting game when it launched back in 2012. Strikingly beautiful through its use of oil painting visuals, the real treat came from the variety of powers that players had at their disposal. Powers that could be used for more than just your usual run ‘ blink gameplay.There were options available to players, paths to follows and avenues to consider. Something that Dishonored 2 wants to follow up on when it doubles down on protagonists and introduces Emily Kaldwin into the mix.

“Last time, the non-lethal play was something that came through development, and we embraced it,” lead designer Dinga Bakaba said to Game Informer.

This time we knew from the start, so there is a lot of non-lethal options. I think it’s really cool because it makes you feel like some kind of Batman.

Corvo Attano will have access to the same abilities that he fielded in the first Dishonored game, albeit with a remix twist. Corvo will have to relearn how to use his powers as they’ve all changed for the sequel, such as Blink being more in line with the way it was manifested by Daud in The Knife of Dunwall DLC. Possession can now be chained to multiple targets, Dark Vision has been completely overhauled and Devouring Swarm can be even more ruthless.

As for Bend Time, the chrono ability has also been retuned. “We found before that if you had Bend Time level one it just slowed things down, which was this cool kind of ballet of motion,” creative director Harvey  Smith said.

Bend Time II was much more useful, as it stopped time altogether. But sometimes you wish that you could still advance it a little.

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And then there’s Emily. Daughter to a slain empress, Emily brings all manner of new powers to the table. Far Reach is a Blink analogue that teleports her physically from location to location, Mesmerise allows for quick hypnotic misdirections and Shadow Walk allows Emily to transform into a “much smaller, shadow-like entity” that enemies will have a hard time detecting.

Then there’s Domino, which allows Emily to link fates together. So murder one fella, and they all fall down as they share a mystic link of death. “After talking to thousands of Dishonored players over the past few years, one of the things we really wanted to do was branch out all of the powers into a tree so if you are a non-lethal player you can take the power and express in the direction of non-lethal or stealth,” Smith added.

Every tree is different. Some go in a straight line and then branch. Some fan out wide.

And some trees are murderous dethroned orphans who can warp reality with their dark magic. Dishonored 2 is out on November 11.

Last Updated: May 10, 2016

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