The PS3 Slim – What does it mean for Sony?

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Rumours- both of price cuts and the incredibly well kept secret of the PS3 Slim have been circulating for what seems forever. As of yesterday, both of them are finally confirmed. You’re likely well aware that the PS3 Slim was announced at a welcome price point of $299. What you may not have heard though is that the 80Gb regular PS3 has concurrently been given a price reduction to the very same price point. What effect – if any – will this have on Sony’s position this generation?

Firstly, the price reduction most certainly places the system as a better value product compared to its similarly priced opposition. Ignoring fanboy agendas, both HD systems provide a gaming experience that is at parity. The Xbox 360 Elite – likely in retaliation -  has just dropped to $299, but is it enough to remain competitive? Looking at the  system specifications I’m tempted to holler a resounding “Hell no!” For $299 you could pick up either of the equally matched gaming machines; only one of them has a Blu-Ray player and built in Wi-Fi.

This price-cut, I feel, finally places The PS3 as a viable purchase in the currently Nintendo dominated marketplace. People have long decried the PS3’s price as a barrier of entry, and it’s now time for those people to put up or shut up – And with the list of “must have” PS3 exclusives growing ever larger, I think many of them will indeed put up.

We’ll only really find out the effect that the price drop has once the holiday season is over, but if you consider the system is selling pre-orders on Amazon at such a rate that they’ve introduced a 1 unit per household limit it really could be the catalyst that Sony needs to regain its throne.

If you’re wondering what effects the price reduction will have on us South Africans – as well as when we can expect the PS3 Slim on our sunny shores – I’ve wondered the same thing; which is why I’ve asked the local distributors for confirmation and clarification. We’ll let you know once we receive any official information.

Last Updated: August 19, 2009

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