The PS4’s controller’s getting touchy

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I don’t know about you – but I’m growing pretty tired of the rumours surrounding the next gen consoles. It’s time for some solid, hard facts from the platform holders. Unfortunately, that’s just not happening right now, because Microsoft and Sony would still like people to buy their current consoles; so we’ll have to make do with rumours and hearsay for the moment. The latest is more of a confirmation of previous ones – regarding the redesigned Dualshock.

According to VG247’s sources, the previous rumours about the new controller sporting a Vita-styled touchpad on its face are spot on – but there is something that differs. Edge previously reported that the new Playstation controller would feature a social-gaming “share button,” which new sources say is nonsense.

They also say that the Dualshock’s triggers have been redesigned – which is a good thing, because as they are now, they’re awful. I’d give anything for proper triggers on the Dualshock, as opposed to those squishy, slippery things that sit there now. It’s something slightly remedied by third-party accessories, but real triggers would go a long way to making the Dualshock a better controller.

More rumours – and no way to find out whether they’re genuine or not until Sony’s big event next week; if of course, that it is actually for the PS4 and not something Vita related.

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On that note, Microsoft has cautioned Sony about its possible reveal event, saying that while those who follow the industry might care, the actual consumers likely won’t even know of its existence.

“Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of UK consumers won’t know,” said UK Xbox boss Jon Grimes to MCV.

“They’ll still want to buy the devices out there. Our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter, but to ensure that the consumers going into stores, going online, still experience Xbox. The announcement is important for the industry, but it is also important to remember who is buying right now.”

Sounds a little defensive to me – and I’m really quite curious to see what Sony has up its sleeve. We’ll find out on February 20, I guess.

Here are some tips for Sony from Gametrailers about the event. It’s worth a watch.

Last Updated: February 14, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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  • i knowits a mock up, but that D-Pad looks like it could take a beating. Touch idea on the face of the pad I could see being slightly problematic if its being used for anything but menu related features. Miss presses, being drunk, you know, the usual. Always sketchy when new “buttons” get added to existing tech imo

  • I’ve been tired of the rumours since day one… Months ago.

    Why isn’t people commenting this? That controller is HIDEUOS!

    • mornelithe

      As long as it works as well or better than the current DS3, does it really matter how it looks?

      Shouldn’t it be progression > aesthetic? I mean…I suppose when Apple comes out with a console they’ll slip into that formula, but Sony hasn’t always worked that way.

      • matthurstrsa

        YES! Always a balance but skewed towards progression. Aesthetic is still relatively important, but not as nearly as important as progress.

        • Looks huge and not ergonomic at all… I don’t care about progression if it’s going to hurt my wirst.

          That’s why I stopped jerking with my left hand.

          • mornelithe

            That makes no sense though, it’s literally the same controller only wider, with some design tweaks to the shoulder buttons and the analog sticks. My wrists have never started hurting from playing on a DS3 controller for extended periods of time, so you must be doing something wrong…likewise with the other activity. Maybe you just have very weak wrists?

  • I hope they dont switch to the indented joysticks I hate that on xbox..

  • matthurstrsa

    “Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of UK consumers won’t know,” said UK Xbox boss Jon Grimes to MCV. ”

    But they’ll find out soon after once all the press releases hit and someone invariably leaks something? What a strange comment.

  • “Reggie What are you doing?What are you about to show us” LOL!!!!I’m really curious to see what they going to announce, half an hour about vita slim and an hour on move +

    BTW, phantom pain = Last Guardian 🙂 Laughed so hard!!!

  • oomjan

    sony will regret it for the rest of their lifes if they don’t show the ps4

  • OVG

    SO FINALLY SONY know the difference between CONVEX AND CONCAVE. Its time my fellow gamers that our thumbs stop sliding and start playing…….shit I forgot the add on trigger slider.

    OK XBOX RULE but suck with the D-PAD nuff said.

  • The things thats sucky about the PS controller is it feels very light in your hands compared to the XBox Controller.

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