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The PSN breach is going to cost Sony how much?

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The biggest gaming news story of the year to date is undoubtedly the huge breach in Sony’s network security, that’s left 77 million PSN users’ data compromised. It’s obviously going to cost the company big; not only in user sentiment and trust, but also financially.

Just how much could it end up costing Sony?

According to one security data research firm,  the breach could end up with Sony receiving a bill of  $24 billion. The Ponemon Institute estimates that the cost to investigate malicious or criminal acts involved in each PSN account works out to a total of $318 per account. With 77 million registered PSN accounts that totals over $24 billion. Of course it’s likely a fear-mongering massive over-estimate considering the number of PSN accounts that are dummy accounts, and those without any credit card information. Still, it’s a big pile of beans – and it’s one that makes the $1 billion Microsoft put aside to save face from the RROD fiasco look like petty cash. That’s a fairly large portion of Sony’s current $30 billion operating capital.

Wondering why it’s such a big deal, and needs to be investigated? “Simply put, [this is] one of the worst breaches we’ve seen in several years,” said Josh Shaul, Application Security Inc’s chief technology officer.  “They indicated that they’re worried about it, which is probably a very strong indication that everything was stolen,” he added. This breach is a big, big thing for Sony, and it’s going to take herculean effort for them to recover and still be the Sony you know and love.

Source : Forbes

Last Updated: April 28, 2011

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