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The PSP is outselling the 3DS in Japan… still

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Nintendo must be a little worried about their latest console as it just doesn’t seem to be getting the traction in its own back yard that the rest of the DS family has secured.

Granted the software line up of the 3DS is pretty slim at the moment but with all the hype and expectations pre-release it was really expected to trounce the PSP much as it’s siblings had done before.

However with the latest sales numbers coming out of Japan we see the 3DS is not only losing to the PSP but is an incredible 2 1/2 times behind it.

PSP – 76,974
3DS – 28,413
PS3 – 23,954
Wii – 10,889
DSi LL – 9,235
DSi – 7,584

Xbox 360 – 4,082
PS2 – 1,582
DS Lite – 319
PSP go – 251

It did better than the previous week but then again so did the PSP, in a big way

PSP – 49,162
3DS – 23,038
PS3 – 19,033
Wii – 7,866
DSi LL – 7,064
DSi – 6,214

Xbox 360 – 1,891
PS2 – 1,163
DS Lite – 283
PSP go – 265

Nintendo are going to need to get some software out the door before this becomes the norm and their stock price plummets even further.

Source: NintendoEverything

Last Updated: May 9, 2011

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