The Resident Evil 6 Launch – a Gallery

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Last night, we went to a pre-launch party for the next Resident Evil game, hosted by both Microsoft and Ster-Kinekor. We got a lovely demonstration of how to not connect cables, followed by a better demonstration of the game by Xbox PR chap Graeme Selvan and Channel marketing guy Adam Ford- as well as the opportunity to shoot zombies in the face ourselves.  The game will be a 20-30 hour opus, split over three intersecting campaigns that offer varying themes, catering to different playstyles.

Resident Evil favourite Leon Kennedy’s story, for example, is slower and more suspenseful; compared to Chris Redfield’s more action-centric campaign; while Jake and Sherry mostly just run away from stuff. Playing through all three campaigns unlocks a fourth, bringing back another stalwart character – and there’s nothing wong about that.

There seems little point in detailing how it actually  plays – because multiple demos for the game have been available on Xbox Live and PSN for ages, so you can download ‘em and see for yourself. Here then, is a delicious gallery of pictures from the event. Look carefully, and you’ll spot us, a bunch of dudes from other publications and sites that don’t matter – and maybe one or two Lazygamer regulars. On that particular note, it was lovely to meet, chat with and hug those of you who won tickets to the event; notably the world’s biggest  Katy Perry fan Erwin(nnn) Kempff; the typo-hating Ms Tracy Benson; our eastern European friend Andriy Podstavnychychychychy and his mate Jason Klaaste…and even Slade Boender.

Resident Evil 6 releases next week Tuesday on PS3 and Xbox 360. Contrary to earlier reports, there is no confirmed release date for the PC version – so you guys will just have to wait.

Here’s what went down…in pictures (taken by our lovable resident Wookiee)

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Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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