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The Skylanders Giants Survival Guide – Tree Rex

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From the diary of Kaos, not just a member of the hair club for men, but its lord and master too: I hate trees. They’re so woody and green and leafy it just fills my oversized head!But this? A Giant Tree! You think that will stop me, Skylanders?  Once I unleash my Mighty Termite Power, your giant tree will be nothing but dust!  I will be UNSTOPPABLE and you will be DOOOOOOMED!!"



Element: Life

Character Type: Giant

Bio: Long ago before the Giants protected Skylands, Tree Rex was a majestic tree living peacefully in the ancient woods. But this tranquil peace came to an end when the Arkeyans built a nearby factory to produce war machines.

After years of his soil being poisoned by the magic and tech waste from the factory, he mutated into who he is now – a powerful Giant who will crush anything that threatens the natural order of things.


  • Shockwave Slam : Slam the ground with massive fists, causing shockwaves.
  • Sequoia Stampede: Charge through enemies and obstacles.


  • Big Thorn Shockwave Slam – Tree Rex Can perform a bigger, more powerful Shockwave Slam.       
  • Photosynthesis Cannon – Tree Rex can harness the power of the sun and shoot light beams.   
  • Super Stampede – Sequoia Stampede attack does increased damage.   
  • Treefolk Tripleshot – Photosynthesis Cannon fires triple burst shots.

Treefolk Charger

  • Titanic Elbow Drop -  Allos Tree Rex  to perform one serious elbow drop move.
  • Lightfooted – Tree Rex charges longer and faster       
  • Ultimate Stampede – Allows Tree Rex to do maximum damage.

Lumbering Laserer

  • Super-Charged Vaporizer – charge up Tree Rex’s Photosynthesis Cannon for more damage.
  • Sun Skewer – Photosynthesis Cannon blasts through enemies and explodes for more damage.
  • The Pod Maker – Vaporized enemies turn into exploding plant pods.

Soul Gem Ability

  • Woodpecker Pal:  A woodpecker buddy joins Tree Rex in battle

Arrgh! That damned tree and his spiky wooden arm Where does he even keep that woodpecker? Actually, I don’t even want to know! I’m sure I have a chainsaw around here somewhere! Be afraid of the bark? Hah! Be afraid of power tools!

Last Updated: December 18, 2012

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