The Tomb Raider developer is not happy with the press

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Tomb Raider

The developers behind the upcoming Tomb Raider are not happy with some of the coverage they have been receiving and instead of just being grumpy about it they’ve actually decided to release a press release to call out some of the criticism.

The main problem relates from this article by The Guardian which goes on a long rambling road of why Lara had to be nearly raped to become the character she is and complaining about why she has to be a weaker character to play to the male masses.

This is a common theme in the gaming industry at the moment and one I personally am pretty fed up with, it seems that no matter how women are treated in the industry there is always someone out there on their soapbox complaining about it. Which they are entirely free to do and that isn’t new, there is always someone complaining about something.

But right now anything that appears anti-female in any form or manner is getting bucketloads of press and is just driving these misguided criticisms on.

This piece from the Guardian was re-reported on by virtually all the top websites in the world and any small bit site that is trying to join the anti-male establishment band wagon.

However Crystal Dymanics has come out and stated


I’m all for equality and the idea that there are still people out there who truly believe that a male is superior to a female blows my mind. What dank rock do these people live under?

But at the same time I fully support anyone’s freedom to work and create and if someone wants to be a model you have no right complaining about it and if someone wants to write a story showing a women getting her inner strength from a near rape then that is their choice, if you don’t like it then great by all means don’t buy the story/movie/game but trying to turn it into a bigger issue to further your own personal misguided roles is not okay.

Last Updated: June 14, 2012

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