The Ultimate Warrior is flexing his way back into WWE 2K14

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If there’s one thing that I cannot fault WWE games for, it’s the size of the roster that accompanies each new release. And hell, if a wrestler ain’t there, you can always make one in the creation suite. But one wrestler in particular has been missing. Like the weekly rumours considering his current state of living, the Ultimate Warrior has been considered dead in gaming. But he may just be about to stage a digital comeback.

In news that got me so excited that I tore off my cloths, slapped face paint on and started wearing tassels before I body-slammed Geoff, it looks like one of the greatest WWE performers of all time will be returning for WWE 2K14.

The current WWE franchise of games (I WROTE ABOUT ALL OF THEM!) has been knocking around for 13 years now, but if you wanted some Ultimate Warrior to come storming into the ring and start shaking the ring ropes like a British nanny with a new-born child, you were out of luck.

Outside of those games though, Warrior has made appearances in WWE All Stars and Legends of Wrestlemania. In WWE All Stars, Ultimate Warrior was the only character that was actually rendered in a correct ratio of flesh to muscle, compared to the beefed up physiques of the rest of the cast.*

The Smackdown Hotel forum via Operation Sports published an image from the August issue of Men in tights WWE Magazine that happened to have an ad in it in which The Ultimate Warrior (His actual, legally changed name) was going to be offered as a pre-order bonus.


Ultimate Warrior is not the first superstar from the older days of WWE to make a digital comeback. Before he died, Randy Macho Man Savage (OH YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!) made a deal with the WWE to appear in their games, before his 2011 death.

But after several years of a relationship with the WWE that was rockier than Rock-endorsed rocky road ice cream, it looks he may have patched things up with the organisation.

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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