The Voice and The Writer get together – Macho Mexican Bliss ensues

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Carlos Ferro The voice behind the most famous Latino character, Carlos Ferro the voice of Dom, is teaming up with the guy who wrote Gears of War 2, Joshua Ortega, to create a brand new comic which is completely unrelated to Gears of War.

Not much has been said about the comic but apparently it will feature a Latino superhero that Carlos wishes he could have looked up to when he was growing up.

Personally I found the story in Gears 2 to be pretty terrible and Dom was normally just an inconvenient meat shield, so yeah my hopes are not incredibly high for this one.

But I would never wish anything bad on them so lets give them a bit of grace and hope it really works out for them.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: January 12, 2009

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