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Wii U finally gets a price and release date confirmed

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We’ve been teased for months now as to when exactly the Wii U will be arriving. Will it be in time for Christmas, so that Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber can once again assault our ear-drums with a horrid jingle for consumerism? Will it be next year when we’re flat broke? Who knows? Except we do know, as Nintendo has just unveiled the pricing and release date for their next-gen console.

Live from Tokyo, here’s what you’ll be paying for the device, if you happen to be Japanese, and when you’ll get your hands on it.

The Wii U will cost you $, and arrives on, just in time for Christmas. Of course, we’ve yet to get local pricing and scheduling, but take this as a good estimate on how to prepare yourself for the console when it launches.

Time for some conference notes!

The Wii U will come with 2GB of memory. 1GB will be for games, 1GB will be for system memory.

Wii U games will have a storage capacity of 25GB.

Backwards compatibility won’t just be for Wii games, but accessories as well, meaning that your Wii balance board won’t need to be chucked out.

New Super Mario Bros and Nintendoland will be launch title games. That’s the first time that Mario has been in time for a console launch for quite a few years.

Nintendo Network Premium 

The Xbox 360 style Pro controller will retail for ¥5040 ($65/R500) for the Wii U.

 The tablet style controller pad, will cost ¥13440 ($173/R1400) if you want an extra one.

Wii U launch bundles will come in basic and premium bundles. The basic bundle will have the controller and an 8GB hard drive. The Premium bundle comes with an HDMI cable, Wii U pad power cradles and a 32 GB HDD.

The basic model will cost you ¥26250 ($337/R2700) , while the Premium will set you back  ¥31,500 ($405/R3300).

The Wii U launches December 8, in Japan.

It’s been a long period of waiting for the Wii U, ever since it was announced back at E3 2011, and tweaked more and more into the device that we recognise today, as it incoporates a tablet device and a more traditional controller interface for gaming.

What do you guys think? Is this a decent price to pay, or are you sticking to a PS3 or Xbox 360 console instead? Check back here later, and we’ll have some more western details for all you gaijin when the second press conference gets underway.

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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