The Witcher 3’s latest patch is a monstrous 15GB

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CD Projekt RED seem to be perfectionists. While most people have probably played about as much Witcher 3 as they’re going to, they’re still patching and fixing the bugs and issues that can still be found in their expansive RPG. If you plan on playing the new Hearts of Stone expansion that coming next well, you’re going to have to update.

A word of warning. That patch is 15GB. Or at least it is on consoles. On PC, it could be from 6GB to 15GB depending on the version of the game you have, how much content you own and which languages your game supports.

15GB is a rather monstrous patch. The Hearts of Stone DLC is a separate download – though it will be smaller than this update. That said, it does bring with it over 600 fixes and updates, and likely fixes that one broken quests that’s been bugging you, and importantly, comes with performance tweaks.

“It’s the largest collection of fixes, improvements and various enhancements we’ve brought to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to date,” CDPR PR Marcin Momot wrote. “All told, it packs a pretty impressive 600 changes, including fixes for a load of quests, optimisations that’ll make things smoother on PC and consoles, over 150 stability improvements to iron out hiccups, additional conversations with key characters that will enhance your relationships with them as well as the story as a whole, and a major and much-awaited fix that should take a good bit of the pain out of dealing with items in the inventory by improving how items are ordered and sorted.”

The list of changes clocks in at 13 pages, so it’s best to link to them rather than paste them here. You can read the entire list of changes in this lengthy PDF.

Are you still playing the Witcher 3? Are you planning on picking up the game’s imminent expansion – or have you moved on to new things?

Last Updated: October 9, 2015

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