The World Cyber Games begin today, all hail DarthPenguin

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The WCG finals started yesterday but for all of us today is the true beginning.

Our local Guitar Hero champion, DarthPenguin – Mark Dennison, is in China at the moment preparing to take on WolveS_Cypher from Germany. Yeah his first match is against the country that stops us getting so much awesome DLC and patches so this match up has a bit of extra spice.

Mark is actually playing 5 rounds today, here is his full itenary

  1. image WolveS_Cypher – Germany
  2. image C.Lorenzo – Italy
  3. image Chaos.Legend – Singapore
  4. image caiomenudo13 – Brazil
  5. image Mandrill – Sweden

The top 2 players after this round will qualify to move into the next round, unfortunately I can’t find out exactly what time he will be playing but you can check the entire schedule here and we will update you throughout the day as the results become available.

Generally choosing someone to represent your country internationally can be fraught with complications as being the best at something can be entirely subjective. For example who is better Dale Steyn or Makhaya Ntini?

But in this case Mark has proved himself the top Guitar Hero player at every single tournament he has ever entered and is without a doubt worthy of his place in China.

Good luck Mark and no offense to Italy, Brazil, Singapore or Sweden but we hope you get your ass kicked… unless the Swedish one is a girl that it, then we hope you come second.

*If you had said Ntini you would have been correct.

Last Updated: November 13, 2009

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