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The writer of Charlie’s Angels believes that Diablo 3 had a terrible story

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Despite several issues since launch, Diablo 3 has proven to be a big money-maker for Blizzard. Killing demons, collecting loot and then attempting to earn some real world coin for those magical items has proven to be popular with fans, but one aspect of the game that hasn’t been adored, is its narrative structure, with the writer of films such as Charlie’s Angels and Big Fish slamming it completely.

John August, who has been knocking around Hollywood as a screenwriter for many a year now, believes that the game has failed to deliver on the lore that it has created, as he explained with some spoilery quotes below, from his blog.


“At several points in the game, major NPCs betray you and/or die. And you shrug,” August wrote.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Remember Raynor and Kerrigan from StarCraft? I became invested in those characters, not because of their cut scenes, but because I got to play as them. I kept them alive through zerg rushes, and watched as they made sacrifices that transformed them. So even when I wasn’t playing those characters, I knew them.

August claims that his gripe comes not from not being able to make decisions in the game, but from not being offered the illusion to make choices. Yeah, I’m scratching my head over that one too.

“Note that I’m not actually demanding choice or free will as a player. Look, I’ve played Diablo. I’ll go kill the next thing. But I’d love to feel like my character was making the choice, rather than being a lackey.”

How do you guys feel? Was there an emotional connection with your characters, such as in Starcraft 2, or were you not exactly too shaken up when your Barbarian was slaughtered by a level 45 Rick Roll Demon?

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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