The Xbox 360 could run MGS4 just fine

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Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360

It is quite obvious that is Microsoft pretty keen on getting a huge title like Metal Gear Solid 4 onto the Xbox 360.

MCV UK reports that Xbox Live boss John Schappert has said that he would “love to see the game come to 360” and the went on about the machines “horsepower”. This comes after Yoshitaka Arai apparently told a Japanese paper that “The worldwide demand for an Xbox 360 version of MGS4 is quite high, and it is something we are currently looking in to.”

I think that if Konami doesn’t do it then they are fools. More after the jump.

Why wouldn’t Konami release it for Xbox 360, especially if Microsoft is actually right and the machine can handle the demands of the games engine. The way I see it, the exclusivity has done it’s job. Many PS3’s were sold and everyone at Sony is happy. So why not release the game to an entire market of gamers who want nothing more than to play the game.

It makes perfect business sense and will almost literally double the sales of the game, if not more when they open it up to a new market.

Exclusives are starting to get on my nerves. Look at Bioshock, it is now being released on PS3 a year after the Xbox 360 version and those developers and publishers can look forward to a huge amount of sales for a lot less effort than it would require to completely build another game.

source: mscvuk

Last Updated: October 17, 2008

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