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The Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update Is Now Available

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Haha, very funny Microsoft. It’s almost as if Microsoft purposefully released the ‘spring’ update on the coldest day we have had in South Africa this year just to remind us that we are entering the season of double-socks and big jackets.

Then again, we all love snuggling up in a blanket and playing games, right? Here’s all the info on what’s up with the update.

If your Xbox 360 is connected to the YouTwitFace (otherwise called the internet, internets, or interwebs) then you will be automatically prompted to download the new Xbox 360 dashboard, well… that or burn in Microsoft’s hell of loneliness for eternity.

The major change that got everyone talking was the new support for the new DVD disc format that will allow discs with the slightly larger capacity. We also heard that the new update might give pirates a very hard time.

Other changes involve PayPal as a billing option, improved menu fonts as well as support for Avatar Kinect.

There are reports that some people have already gotten the update at an earlier time or date and the update also apparently takes a little longer than normal as it flashes the console with the latest firmware.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: May 26, 2011

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