The Xbox One is breaking pre-order records

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Everyone on the internet seems to hate the very idea of the Xbox One; an (almost) always online console that restricts the way you play your games. I recently said that these angry people are no longer the target market, no longer the core audience – and that in the grand scheme of things they no longer really matter. that’s starting to seem quite true – as the Xbox One has started shattering pre-order records.

Or at least, the pre-order records for Blockbuster; the US, UK and Australian games and media retailer and lender, who claim that the Xbox One has broken the chain’s hardware pre-order records.

“We are delighted by the huge number of pre orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console,” the retailer’s head of games James Morton said to MCV, before launching in t some fluffy PR advertising.

“At Blockbuster, we have a fantastic array of adrenaline-fuelled console games for sale or rental. Our expert staff know gaming and they know consoles and these pre-orders are testament to our customers’ trust in us as a leading gaming retailer.

“With Sony releasing the PS4 in the near future, the next few months are going to be an exciting time for our staff and customers at Blockbuster and we can’t wait to hear more details from both Sony and Microsoft at the E3 Expo next month.”

Blockbuster mostly deals with videogame rentals – and the Xbox One seems to put an end to that sort of thing. Do they know something we don’t?

Last Updated: May 28, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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