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There are many, many ways to deal with Freakers in Days Gone

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Many, many ways indeed

I’m a biker at heart. There’s an allure of the open road, being exposed to the open elements and aggressively revving my 110cc scooter engine whenever I split a lane while the lights are red. I’m a road warrior yo. Maybe that’s why I’m intrigued by days gone, Sony’s upcoming bastard child of Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.

Once again, the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket and most cities are populated by the remnants of an infection that turned them into “Freakers”. That’s where you come in, as a bounty hunter Deacon St John who does stuff for interested parties in Days Gone. Stuff that includes killing sizable chunks of the Freaker populace with every mission.

The demo that was shown off at the PlayStation E3 press conference was pretty tight. There seems to be a swarm mentality at play here, as the Freaker horde is almost operating as a hive mind, a ludicrous flesh ball of action and teeth that was last seen in World War Z. You’re never going to win a fight against such overwhelming numbers, which is where Days Gone looks like it’ll be asking people to regularly engage in some fight or flight mechanics.

“That was actually one of the missions in the game,” developer Sony Bend’s Ron Allen explained to GameSpot as he detailed that the level could have been finished in multiple ways.

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It takes place later on. You have a goal and you do have an objective for that mission. Your goal is to clear out the entire horde. And depending how you approach it, the different weapons, the upgrades, the ammo you take, it can play out one of many different ways.

There’s a day/night cycle; being in the Pacific Northwest, there’s very extreme weather, and all of that affects the world… We’ve never seen a game set anywhere like that; there’s a ton of different regions–mountainous regions to lush forests.

Days Gone uses a heavily modified Unreal Engine 4 to create its freaky world, which Allen said allowed the game to have hordes where every Freaker thought for itself. “Every one of [the creatures in the horde] is making their own decisions and going after the player, but at the same time they’re thinking as one,” Allen said.

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Days Gone doesn’t have a release date yet, but colour me interested. Alessandro went behind the scenes with it this week at E3, and he had some different opinions on all that action however.

Last Updated: June 17, 2016

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