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There will be no GTA V at E3 this year

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In what has come as absolutely no surprise at all it has been confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will not be on show at E3 next month. That’s not to say that it may not be available for some backstage viewing by the rich and famous but for the plebs of the industry, us, it’s not going to be shown.

This was confirmed by Take-Two who have stated that none of the 2K titles will be shown at E3 this year and while they like the show and will be there they won’t be showing anything… make sense?

Both Rockstar Games and 2K have instead decided to focus their marketing and PR efforts on a series of events throughout the spring and summer. Our team, however, will be present at the show, and we look forward to seeing many of you there

So they’ll be there but with nothing to show and yet they look forward to seeing us there… Maybe I’m missing something here but what’s the point?

It’s not a major blow to E3 as Rockstar rarely, if ever, show anything off at E3 so this is just confirmation of the normal process.

Last Updated: May 15, 2013

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