A new Borderlands game is on the way…

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Borderlands Online

…But only for China. Say hello to Borderlands Online!

Made for China, and most likely better than the inevitable knock-off that will be circulating the Asian web soon, Borderlands Online is a Shanda Games developed entry into the series. It’s 100% legit, as the game is being developed alongside 2K China and Gearbox, and will have a dedicated Shanghai development and support team.

As usual, you’ll be able to play as one of four classes: The Soldier who can deploy a turret, the Hunter who can summon a mechanical familiar,a new Siren who can summon a firebird and a Berserker who can punch real good. It’ll be a PC and mobile game, with MMORPG aspects. Combine that with the terrain design of past Borderlands games, the loot system and all those many, many guns and you have what could be a solid MMO here. Here’s a closer look at the characters, via 2P:


Borderlands Online (2)

Borderlands Online (3)

Borderlands Online (4)

I could see Borderlands working like that. It’s already that kind of game, but on a smaller four-player scale. Of course, I’m not keen on emigrating to China just so that I can play a video game. Borderlands Online isn’t the only big-name game from the west that is making a journey to China. Call Of Duty also has an online version on the way, as the Chinese market has become rather lucrative as of late. Borderlands Online is also expected to be free to play, because freemium has a killer success rate in that country.

And if the guns of Borderlands get reworked to be even rarer than usual, with legendaries now up for real cash, then this game is going to make an absolute killing.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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