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There’s a new Ridge Racer coming…

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It still feels bizarre and wrong for this new generation to have launched without somebody standing up on a stage and saying “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDGE RAAAAAAAAAAAACRRRRRRRRR!.” Well, there is indeed a new Ridge Racer coming this month. Don’t get excited just yet though.

It’s a mobile game. It’s coming later this month to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the ridge Racer Franchise which made its debut on arcade in 1993, and was there for the Japanese launch of the PlayStation in 1994.

Ridge Racer Slipstream is coming to mobiles on December 19th, and features 12 cars, 300 customisation possibilities, six perks, 10 tracks, 20 courses and 108 competitions across six Grand Prix series. It offers arcade and career single player options, and an 8 player online mutiplayer as well.

Here’s a trailer.

I’ve had just about enough of this trend of making mobile games from established franchises – especially because they tend to be pay-to-win, micro-transaction addled nonsense. This looks like just that sort of thing, with a terrible frame-rate and uninspired graphics.

It stings, almost as badly as Capcom;s 25th anniversary tribute to Mega Man, which also got a terrible mobile game release instead of the love he deserves.

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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