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These retro SEGA shirts are fantastic

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Man..with all this nonsense about consoles become closer and closer to being PC’s, it makes me long for a simpler time; when consoles were consoles – and you just stuck a damned cartridge in to a system and it worked. No patching, no installs and no forced online. This rad as hell retro SEGA apparel isn’t helping either.

Excuse the hipsters and other assorted models – and just take a look at the actual shirts, which should tickle your nostalgia bones quite nicely. I’d stab people in the face for that Altered Beast shirt, and would happily call your mum bad names if it netted me the Mega Drive controller hoodie.

They’re officially licenced, and will be available later this month. I’m not sure if they’ll be available locally, but if you’re keen, you can check it all out  and order the stuff over at Plastic Head.


Last Updated: October 16, 2013

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