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Thief reboot ditches QTE’s

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The new thief reboot hasn’t quite been met with the most favourable fan response. Garret’s all wrong, his voice actor’s not the right guy, it had an XP system, and it’s got QTE’s. Or at least it had QTE’s. Eidos has once again nixed something based on fan reaction.

In a Q&A published on the Thief community site, Eidos responded to a question about how the previously announced QTE system might break immersion.

"… we’re not implementing them," said Eidos’ Valerie Bourdeau. "To begin with, there were very few instances of QTEs in the game: in fact there was only one in that whole hour-long E3 demo.

"However, given the strong reactions it evoked in the press and the community, it was an easy decision to do away with them entirely. So we’re not doing it. No quick time."

That’s great, because Thief just isn’t the sort of game that benefits from an overworn mechanic like QTE’s. some games like God of War, Resident Evil 4 and Shenmue have used them well, but I just don;t see it working in a Thief universe.

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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