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Things you are wrong about when it comes to eSports

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Many gamers, especially older gamers believe that you have to do certain things to either enjoy or be good at eSports and because they can’t do them, don’t compete. It doesn’t have to be that way though; it all depends on what you want as a gamer.

Parenthood and eSports

I’ve seen more than a couple of times that older gamers with kids use the fact that they are parents as a cop-out. Parenting and eSports can co-exist, in some cases, they even flourish together.

I started being a more serious gamer when I started getting involved in eSports. But this only happened shortly after I had my second child. Contrary to popular belief, I had more than enough time to dedicate to it. Clan and team management, even competing in tournaments was easy to manage. I then think about other factors like, when kids start to go to school, how will that impact the time left for competitive gaming, and the answer is really simple.  Nothing really changes, kids are off to bed at a certain time and after that, I’m home free.

I guess it really depends on your partner too, both my partner and I share the passion for gaming, making it a perfect set-up. But what if you wife doesn’t approve or wants to spend more time with you? In that case I only have one thing to say: her leash to the kitchen is obviously not short enough! Okay, I kid… in all honesty you can not force a partner into having the same hobby or interest as you do, but if there is a conflict, manage your time, you don’t have to spend more than needed in front of that PC/console.

What I’ve really been impressed by and absolutely adore is the Underwood family, they’ve been in the community for a couple of years now and most regulars would know who I’m talking about, The Underwoods host a LAN (Legend’s LAN) in Pietermaritzburg and I still remember their clan “The Smurfs” when I just started playing competitive CoD4. This family, mom, dad, daughter and son game together and it really makes their family stand out. Ad a mother, Jolene Underwood has supported her family and joined them in their competitive gaming, even refereed at the Do Gaming grand finals. They’ve really made family and eSports work in together in the best way possible. They’ve grown and gotten very far as one of S.A’s eSports families.

You need to spend a gazillion hours of time gaming to compete

Wrong! If you’re the kind of gamer that spends more than two hours a night playing some random game and spends more than that gaming in a weekend, then you have enough time to compete. Will this necessarily make you the best out there? Probably not, but would you have been if you spent 5 hours a day and countless hours on a weekend, chances are, that not even that might do the trick. One thing we have to face is that not all of us are super-human progamers and that we are allowed to just have fun while competing, even if we don’t occupy the top spot.

To be frank, many of the gamers in our Premier leagues today don’t even spend that much time gaming, they just do what they love and buckle down to business when it comes to improving themselves, by playing clan matches or pickups. Clan matches don’t necessarily take up more than two hours, in fact it’s more often than not, less than two hours long.

Only kids compete

Wrong again! Most competitive players are in their twenties and thirties and there are some even older than that. More often than not, you’ll find yourself competing against gamers who have jobs and lives just the same as you. If you’re dealing with little kids being rude on public servers, chances are, they’re not that “little”.

I can’t compete in leagues because of my job/life

Most (if not all) league matches and clan practises take place later at night. No one’s going to ask you or expect you to play a game at five in the afternoon. Gamers prefer playing their games after eight, for the same reason that students and adults with jobs do, because they have lives too.

At the end of the day having time, making time and making your family or personal life work in order to compete depends on how much you want it. If you want it enough, if you love it enough, you can make time and enjoy eSports.

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Last Updated: January 25, 2013

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