This certainly looks like Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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Late last week it seemed that EA had strongly suggested that a new Plants vs. Zombies game would be revealed at E3. That much we already knew, from an even earlier leak that listed the game for launch before Q2 next year. However, it seemed like the game would be a direct sequel to the third-person shooter spin-off, Garden Warfare – which was all but confirmed with a teaser trailer today.

Is EA outright confirming that Garden Warfare 2 is a thing? No, but it would be the reddest of herrings if all of this signs pointed towards something else. The teaser, which you can see below, features some characteristic play on words – with some familiar sounds of flora on undead mayhem in the background.

The teaser confirms that the new game will be revealed during Microsoft’s E3 press conference next week. Now if you have a keen memory, you’ll recall that the original Garden Warfare was unveiled on their stage too – with the game launching exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for a limited time. It seems that Garden Warfare 2 will follow in the same footsteps (at the very least for the former part).

Like I said, it’s not officially confirmed, but it would be shocking to see another, different game revealed at this point. I never got the chance to play the original Garden Warfare, but I am curious to see what this early sequel has to offer.

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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