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This Mandarin action figure will teach you a lesson

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Ladies. Children. Geoff. Ready for another lesson? Then pay attention. Lesson number one. Did you know that GI Joe toys were originally going to be called Butch Army Infantry? And that buying this highly detailed action figure will have dozens of panties/underwear thrown at you?

Well that last fact may be made up, but I know that the ladies are speechless when they see my vast collection of six inch memorabilia. Hands down, Ben Kingsley was one of the best parts of Iron Man 3 this year, and I won’t spoil it for the lot of you who have yet to see the film.

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The Hot Toys version of not so big Ben here comes with the usual articulation, stands 28 cm tall, interchangeable body parts and proper clothing. Plot twist not included. The price for owning a mini-thespian? A cool $214.99 when he ships next year April.

Last Updated: January 5, 2017

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