This MGS cosplay even impressed Hideo Kojima

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Ah, it seems like just yesterday we were discussing the sexist design of “Quiet” from Metal Gear Solid V. He even threw down the gauntlet saying it may not be ‘cosplayable’. Well, Kelly Jean picked up that gauntlet.

Back in September, Hideo Kojima unveiled Quiet and tweeted:

Uncosplayable? Never! Kelly Jean, a UK-based artist/cosplayer/extra, decided to give this cosplay challenge a whirl. Of course, it’s in the interest of charity, as all prints of her cosplay will go to Special Effect – a charity that helps disabled people improve their lives with technology that gives them access to video games. Impressive cause. Now, check out this cosplay:

Cosplay comparison front
Cosplay comparison back

Wow, she looks just like the original character design. She even got a retweet from Hideo Kojima. You can go order her prints without any guilt – it’s for a good cause, after all. I’m impressed with the cosplay ability, I’m just still not sure I like the results. Not because of sexism, but because who really wants to look like Quiet?

Last Updated: November 11, 2013

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