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This Pinhead figure has such wonderful things to show you

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Pinhead (2)

Jesus wept. As if my Christmas wishlist wasn’t already filled with requests for gifts that I’ll never ever lay my grubby hands on, along comes this Pinhead figure to taunt me with pleasures that no mortal man has known of. And that’s a  face you can trust, am I right?

Based off of his appearance in Hellraider III: Hell On Earth, this Pinhead figure features the  usual accurate character license, and was most likely drenched in the tears of the factory worker who had to hammer all those nails into each and every single figure on the product line. Check him out:

Pinhead (3)

Pinhead (4)

Pinhead (5)

Pinhead (6)

Pinhead (1)

The Doug Bradley figure here is going to be pretty pricey however. $449.99 to be exact. And that buys you 21 inches of leather-bound hellish fury. Plus plenty of spare nails for DIY projects around the house. Now who you callin’ Pinhead?

Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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  1. I squealed when I saw the puzzle box in the Cabin in the Woods and later the Cenobite in the vault, but obviously they had to pick zombies. Sorry no, redneck zombies. Apparently there’s a difference


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