This Whiplash figure from Iron Man can make salute!

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Whiplash (11)

Man, I love me some action figures. Not that I unwrap them from their mint on card packaging and play with them or anything. Nope nope, that ain’t me. But damn, some figures are gorgeous, and even though Whiplash here sports the face of Mickey Rooney Rourke, that Mark II armour made me do a double-take.

Whiplash (1)Whiplash (2)Whiplash (3)Whiplash (6)Whiplash (7)Whiplash (10)Whiplash (11)Whiplash (12)Whiplash (13)Whiplash (14)Whiplash (15)Whiplash (16)Whiplash (4)Whiplash (5)Whiplash (8)Whiplash (9)

So what does $399.99 get you? A figure that clocks in at a height of 33cm, LED eyes, a magnetic mask, interchangeable chest armour and light-up whips.

The figure includes a custom sculpt job to recapture the fleeting glory of Mickey Rourke. Mercifully, the collectable also includes a flip-down mask so that you don’t have to sit and actually look at a slightly less plastic version of Rourke.

It’ll be out in 2015, so start saving.

Last Updated: February 10, 2014

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