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Titanfall 2 is coming, with PlayStation 4 Pro support

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is coming next month bringing with it the ability to run PlayStation 4 games in 4K. Utilising a very clever method called Checkerboard rendering, it allows developers to create visuals that almost look like native 4K without costing nearly as much raw computational power.

To really reap the benefits of the systems improved hardware, currently available (and soon to be released) games will need to be patched to support it. One such game that will have PS4 Pro support is the impending Titanfall 2 – a game I’m pretty excited to play. While I absolutely adored the first game’s multiplayer, some context-providing single player would have been quite nice. That’s happening in the not a sequel, which is out later this week.

And. AND! It’ll have PS4 Pro support, right on the disc – no gargantuan post-release patch necessary. So says producer Drew McCoy confirming as much on Twitter saying that the “support is on the disc.”

But what sort of extra shine can PS4Pro owners expect once the console is out? Not that much, really.

“It’s not native 4K and I would be surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games any time soon,” said McCoy speaking to Stevivor. “It just takes so much processing power. It’s unbelievable amounts of just GPU grunt to do that [native 4K].

Unfortunately, Respawn just didn’t get enough of a heads up on the PS4 Pro to really play around with it – but because the PC version exists too, it was easy enough to increase the resolution and make it run better.

“We did not get much of a heads up, like most people,” said McCoy. “So we didn’t get a tonne of time. Like no one even knew about it until….I don’t even know, but it was late. Since it’s just the PS4, but faster, it’s really not that hard to say ‘when running on PS4 do this, and when running on PS4 Pro do that.’

“Because we also made the PC version, we have some knobs we can tweak, so we just spent some time making sure it still runs well and looks good on PS4 Pro. You know, making sure it doesn’t look any worse at all. That’s the requirement: it can’t run any worse or look worse than on PS4. So it runs better, looks better and has no bugs on PS4 Pro.”

So what can you really expect?

“We’re able to increase the resolution, we have high-res shadows, and maybe higher particle counts. The frame rate is more stable; we have dynamic resolution scaling on all consoles, but it scales down less often on PS4 Pro to maintain 60 frames-per-second.”

And that, I think, is going to be par for the course for most PS4 Pro games, especially in the early days.

Last Updated: October 24, 2016


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    I couldn’t care less if it was released for my calculator… #EAServersMustFall! xD


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