TitanFall passes the 3 million mark in sales

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I had huge expectations for TitanFall and while the game itself is a lot of fun I still feel it fell short of what is expected of a lead title for a platform. However having said that it would be harsh to call TitanFall a failure especially with the latest news stating that the title has now passed the 3 million sales mark. TitanFall is available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC however  2 million of those sales were  purely Xbox One sales (with another million or so on PC and Xbox 360), as measured by VGChartz. That is quite incredible seeing that the Xbox One has only sold 5 million into retail. It’s no surprise that TitanFall is the top selling title on the Xbox One at this time and hopefully this success is going to give Respawn the budget they require to make the TitanFall game I want to play in 2016.

Keep all the game mechanics, add some great new multiplayer game modes and most importantly give us a solid single player and co-op campaign which properly capitalises on the great lore of the TitanFall world. As with all unofficial figures we have to take these with a pinch of salt but either way they won’t be that far off.

It’s also looking up for Respawn with the Xbox One about to be released in a large swathe of new countries and you can expect TitanFall to be front and centre of a lot of those marketing campaigns.

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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