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To celebrate PUBG’s third birthday, some new additions to the game are coming in hot

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Putting aside H1Z1 because absolutely no-one cares about it, many look to PUBG as the Grand Daddy of the battle royale craze. Launching in 2017 with zero expectations around it, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds became an overnight success and, for a time, held the position of the most played game on Steam. Why did this happen? Honestly, I wish I knew. The game was kind of a clunky mess but it offered a shooter experience that very few others had attempted to capitalise on. It was tense, tactical and more than a little broken. Still, that didn’t stop me putting in hundreds of hours of play inside of it between lectures. As PUBG’s third anniversary looms, PUBG Corp has revealed some of the additions coming to the game as well as some of the changes.


According to a recent blog post by the developers, after the 6.2 update which will introduce a slew of changes to popular map Vikendi, players can expect more “map reworks, new maps, new weapons and mechanics.” As for the game’s third anniversary, players can also count on receiving some free goodies, including a set of free skins designed by the PUBG community. These skins include a dashing pink hoodie, a bubblegum coloured M4A1 skin and a rather regal parachute. They’re all still available for players to acquire but if you leave it too late you’ll miss out. By too late, I mean 23 April. So you still have quite a lot of time.


Hey, with the whole country going into lockdown soon, maybe it’s the right time to fire up PUBG and see where the game is at these days. I know many people, myself included, dropped off due to updates that were inconsistent in quantity (and quality) but I’ve heard whispers that PUBG is…better now? I don’t know, that’s just gossip through my Discord grapevine but I might hop in to check it out again.

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

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