Today, we lose our Wookiee

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It was nearly two years ago that I took to Twitter, in a blind panic, to look for somebody who knew a thing or two about Magic: the Gathering, and would be willing to put those things down in to words. We’d just started receiving review samples for the stuff – and I wasn’t quite willing to get back in to the hobby, which I’d abandoned sometime in the mid 90’s. Fortune smiled upon me – and the person who heeded that call was Garth Holden – otherwise known as Valshen..or fuzzy.

And for nearly the past two years Garth has been an invaluable member of Team Lazygamer – providing insightful reviews, and stoking the fires of conversation. I’m sure you’ll remember the 10/10 Skyrim controversy – as well as the 4/10 one that spawned “DAFUQ!.”

Garth has been a dependable sort of chap, and has since his tenure with us become one of the country’s best games reviewers. More than that though, he’s become a friend.

So it’s with equal bits absolute misery and unbridled joy that I have to announce that Garth will no longer be a member of Team Lazygamer – and the headset review you may have read will be his last for us. It’s not because he hates us, or you, or that the “DAFUQS’ have driven him mental – but rather that he’s springboarded off to something a little more prominent – and from today, serves as the editor for PC Format Magazine, which as you may know, IS THE ENEMY.

Yeah, you know what? I never liked Wookiees anyway! *sniffle*

Last Updated: June 3, 2013

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