Transformers: Dark of the Moon Debut Trailer

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No I don’t have a typo in the headline they are actually calling this new Transformers “Dark of the Moon”… it annoys me as well but what can we do.

I’m a moderate Transformers fan, I love the movies and the previous games have been fun enough but at the same time I know there are some massive Transformers fans out there who talk to their cars and stick little logo’s on them to pretend they are in fact about to be gutted from the inside out as their car transforms.

No where did I see this more than in Australia where every second car appeared to have the logo on it.

Anyway the new game is coming and we have a debut trailer for it, are you interested in getting this game when it releases or have you scratched this itch and moved on already?

Oh did I mention this was a move tie in?

Last Updated: March 11, 2011

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