Triad Wars trailer makes me miss Sleeping Dogs

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Sleeping Dogs was a fantastic experience. With a compelling protagonist, a unique world to play in and plenty of Kung Fu fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Triad Wars is meant to continue that wonderful experience in a new form, but I’m not convinced.

Here is the new trailer:

You’re meant to be able to forge your personal empire however you see fit in the game. Want to use extortion, hacking and money laundering? Go right ahead. Just watch out for the guys who are opting to pursue guns, knives and fists (and drills, judging by the video). It looks graphic and vibrant, but it just doesn’t have that polish.

The game is currently in Beta and you can go sign up to join Triad Wars over here. Our very own Sandy gave it a whirl and wasn’t overly impressed. While Hong Kong is looking good, the game is a boring grind-fest. You might want to check it out for yourself and prove him wrong, but from what he described about the gameplay, it certainly won’t hold my attention.

Part of what I loved so much about Sleeping Dogs was the story-telling. Even while running around the city, I felt that internal turmoil, that fight of good vs evil set against the backdrop of revenge. It was the cognitive dissonance that made Sleeping Dogs compelling and unique; Triad Wars just makes you a thug. Of course comparisons will be made with GTA Online, and Triad Wars fails at making criminal life as interesting as GTA does.

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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