Truly Sensory Gaming Experience – I’m not fooled

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If it wasn’t for the bottled water phenomenon I would give this idea a 1/10 chance of making it into production, however the world is populated with idiots and I just happen to be one of those that would waste money on this.

Welcome to the X-Gear system, a wearable computer game which allows you to control the game entirely by moving your body and interacting with your environment.

The odd headmask blanks out the horrible world we live in and renders a brand new one in pixelated HD just for you, the glove and ball accurately simulate a glove and ball and the armband is where the magic happens.

You just slip in a game disc and then begin playing, but I would make sure you do this outside else you might bump into something important.

Hell if it wasn’t for that magical wristband you could virtually be playing a real game.

Like I said, if it wasn’t for the millions of people who buy carbonated and flavoured mineral water and still argue that it’s pure water I wouldn’t give this thing a chance.

Source: XboxFreedom

Last Updated: September 1, 2009

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