Two for you, but 40% more for me, then 8 million for you

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Not to be outdone completely after the solid thrashing Microsoft gave them, Sony told Eurogamer (and some other people I assume) that the Playstation 3’s sales are up 40% from the previous year even though their December 2008 wasn’t as good as December 2007. However, the sneaky foxes at Microsoft caught wind of Sony trying to save some pride, so they proceeded to crush them with a letter addressed to Sony that probably said:

8 Million

Love, Microsoft

Worldwide, the Xbox 360 has sold 8 million more consoles than the Playstation 3. I have a feeling this situation will be changing in the upcoming months, but as of this point in time, Microsoft can legally kick sand in Sony’s face and call it a loser.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 16, 2009

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