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Two new ships and custom matches arrive in Star Wars: Squadrons in December

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Star Wars: Squadrons might feel like it released years ago (can’t believe it came out this year) but since it was actually only a couple of weeks back, the announcement that the game will be receiving some content isn’t unexpected. Still nice though, as developer Motive Studios has announced the game will be receiving some fresh new updates to keep things spicy. There’ll be two major updates, one scheduled for November and then December.

The November update will include some bug fixes and balance tweaks alongside a new map and some new components to wreak havoc in the air. These include a boost extension kit for bombers, Ion Rockets for fighters while both classes will gain access to prototype piercing torpedoes. Lastly, support ships will be getting an anti-material rocket turret to further support their teammates.


December is the big one, as EA Motive has confirmed that two new ships are coming to Squadrons: The B-wing for the New Republic and the TIE-Defender for The Empire. “These two starfighters are as powerful as they are iconic, though understandably balanced out for the purposes of the game. The B-wing will be categorized as a Bomber-class starfighter and the TIE defender will be a Fighter, each being able to use the components relevant to their faction and class, but they’ll also come with their own unique aspects in line with what you’d expect from them, such as the B-wing with its gyro-cockpit and swiveling wings and the TIE defender with its shields,” reads EA Motive’s blog post.


Oh, and the highly anticipated custom matches a will also be arriving in that December update. It’s genuinely nice to see Star Wars: Squadrons supported after launch given that so many people thought it would be punted out of the door and left to die by EA. We enjoyed Squadrons a whole lot as Kervyn said in his review:

Its enjoyable campaign has some dull moments outside of the cockpit and the multiplayer, as stupendously thrilling as it is, is a bit too barebones at the moment. But it’s also the most fun and immersive Star Wars flight sim experience we’ve ever had thanks to its immaculate gameplay and incredibly polished production.

Last Updated: November 19, 2020

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  1. Insomnia is fun

    November 20, 2020 at 12:15

    It’ll never be as good as xwing Vs tie fighter unfortunately


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