Type-0 may be the start of a whole new series of Final Fantasy games

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I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I’ve played every single title in the main numbered series other than the PlayStation 2 and online entries. One spin on the franchise I’m interested in playing is Type-0. It’s a 2011 PSP title which is being given a HD spit and polish for the new generation of consoles. It may not stop there though.

Type-0 could well be the start of a whole new series of Final Fantasy games. This is according to Hajime Tabata, the director of both Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD (Destructoid via Square Enix).

“I would like to make more Type games and make them into a Final Fantasy series. We’ve registered trademarks for it, we’ve gone that far so we want to continue it. I’d like to make the Type series the kind of series where we can do the kind of stuff that we really can’t do in the mainline numbered series, so make it a really alternative kind of Final Fantasy.”

I have no problem with a whole new series of games. I just find it silly that Square Enix feel that they need to attach the Final Fantasy name to everything. For example, there is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Each does have its own different style and such.

Then you get games like Kingdom Hearts. There are cameos from Final Fantasy characters, yet it is its own game, a whole new IP. Surely Type-0 could just become its own new franchise, minus the Final Fantasy name? Anyways, that’s just my own personal gripe I guess. Perhaps I should play the game first before making wild claims and demands of name dropping.

Final Fantasy Type-0 will be releasing in March 2015 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will you be getting it?

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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