Ubisoft thinks that the Nintendo Switch will create a bridge between mobile and home gaming

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I don’t know about you guys, but these days I prefer to do my gaming on the go. It’s the most comfortable way for me to drag my rotting carcass of a body fueled by years of poor dietary decisions into bed, flipping open a 3DS console or an iPad and jamming away into the wee hours of the morning. I love me some mobile gaming, perhaps more than traditional gaming. An idea that had its home console genesis (AND I CAN’T DANCE) with a select few games on the Wii U. Bayonetta on the screen and under the sheets yo.

But the Nintendo Switch is a gestalt of those two ideas. A device for gaming on a fixed flatscreen or a smaller one in the palm of your hands, it represents a fresh new start for the Big N. And Ubisoft feels that Nintendo has managed to form a perfect marriage of sorts with that console. “Today, we have two ways of playing – and a lot of people are doing both,” Ubisoft’s French studios boss Xavier Poix said to GI.biz.

There is the high-end, high value, experience that you have at home in front of your TV… but when the TV isn’t there anymore, if someone else is using it for example, then you are left alone with your mobile phone. “So there is a need for Switch, and we probably don’t realize it right now, which is what makes this so interesting.

So there is a need for Switch, and we probably don’t realize it right now, which is what makes this so interesting.

This is kind of what Nintendo was aiming for with the Wii U but failed to pull off. The Switch already sounds like a massive leap forward in the thinking of that company, who have begun embracing more modern ideas as of late to actually become that little bit less rigid. Ubisoft has a vested interest in the console of course, with Ray-Man Legends, Just Dance and Steep headed to it.

Games which I’m actually dead keen to try out on the go when the Switch launches on March 3.

Last Updated: January 19, 2017

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