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Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be more than just new characters

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Street Fighter 4 re-releasing itself almost every year now has become a joke on par with that of a Peter Molyneux over-promise. We’ve already had Super and Arcade Edition variants that tweaked the gameplay. And now we have Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the way. But don’t expect the game to be just another instance of slapping DLC together and selling it as a new package.

“Like the Ultra name shows, we’re aiming for updates that go beyond just adding new characters. For us, new characters are just the bare minimum of new features to add,” producer Tomoaki Ayano said to Famitsu via a translated interview from Polygon.

We plan to change it a great deal. With this project, we decided to make it a big update, a really ‘new SF4? in a way. When I say ‘change,’ though, I don’t mean we’re redoing combos or the whole structure as it exists now.

What we’re looking to do is get rid of the differences in character abilities that have established themselves throughout the series. I realize that some people are looking for new additions to the battle system, too-this is ‘Ultra,’ after all, so I’d like to do what we can in that way.

And Capcom isn’t done yet with balancing combat in Street Fighter 4, as Ultra will still receive numerous tweaks beyond its launch window. “I think the battle balance in a fighting game is something that needs to be constantly changing”, Ayano said.

This is just my personal opinion, but I like to see updates happen at just the right time to retain a sense of constant motion within the game mechanics.

I’m sure I’ll get feedback from gamers once Ultra IV is out for a while, and I want to use that feedback as much as I can to raise and nurture the game.

I still reckon that if you haven’t played Street Fighter 4 yet, then Ultra is most likely as good as any place to start with the reborn franchise which brought fighting games back from the edge of defeat in 2008. As for the rest of the Street Fighter fans out there, at least you’ll be able to get your hands on all those tweaks and balancing acts as a downloadable expansion pack, instead of forking out cash for the retail version.

You know, at least until Ultra Mega Awesome Incredible Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo Arcade Edition is announced next year.

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

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