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Uncharted 2 Teaser and First Details

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Oh yeah! Another Uncharted is coming.

Uncharted really is living up to it’s name with this new trailer that shows our hero Nathan Drake, in surroundings significantly different to those seen in the first game. The first Uncharted title was hugely successful and is arguably one of the best games to own on the Playstation 3 so I can’t see any PS3 fans not liking what they see.

GameInformer gives information saying that the new title has been named Uncharted: Among Thieves and “revolves around the 13th century explorer Marco Polo and his voyages.”

Something else that is interesting although I can see it having mixed reactions is that the game is now going to have a few different gameplay elements, namely “free climbing mechanic and stealth gameplay.”

What do you guys think? Good, bad?

Last Updated: December 2, 2008

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