Uncharted 3 to get Campaign Co-Op?

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Uncharted 2 had 3 player co-op, but it was spread across specific co-op missions. According to a retail listing, that might change for the sequel – and Drake’s Deception might ship with campaign co-op.

Me? I love campaign co-op games, so this rumour has my giddy anticipations set all the way up to 11.

Gamestop lists he online section in Uncharted 3 as featuring online multiplayer up to 12 players, and online co-op for  up to 3, pretty much as it was in Uncharted 2. Under number of offline features though, they’ve listed “1-2” players, indicating the possibility of campaign co-op.

If it’s true, and Uncharted 3’s going to have a co-op partner in the main campaign, who would it be? From the first videos we’ve seem, the likely candidate would be the macho, mustachioed Sully – but there’s always the possibility of Elena or even Chloe might make a comeback.

I just hope that should they implement campaign co-op, it’s not forced and doesn’t supply you with an idiotic AI partner if you want to go solo for a bit. Resident Evil 5, I’m looking at you!

Source : Gamestop (via CVG)

Last Updated: December 14, 2010

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