Uncharted Movie In 2011 Is A No-Go

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If you were looking forward to watching a Hollywood blockbuster movie adaptation of Uncharted, then it looks like you are out of luck, for a while anyways.

Anyone who hoped that they would be seeing a 2011 release of the Uncharted movie may as well go back to eating popcorn whilst watching the cutscenes. Sony had previously said that they wanted to release in 2011, but negotiations with direct David O. Russel (Three Kings) have gone to pot.

According to The Times:

“Producers and the studio are going back to the drawing board. They’ll look for a new director — and first they may even look for a star or two to join the project”

“With the male and female co-leads, it’s essentially a two-hander, so expect the casting process to be involved.”

It’s becoming a little sad that so many adaptations that actually look like they have potential, are suffering from delay after delay. The worst part is that we all know what can happen when projects don’t see the light of day…

District 9 happens, instead of the Halo movie. Ok wait, maybe that’s not so bad then.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: August 4, 2010

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