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Update on TI3 Eastern Qualifiers

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So, the Western qualifier was decided, and by the end of this week the east will be, too.  Picking up again on Tuesday, we will see the semi-finals and finals of the eastern qualifiers.  So what has happened so far?

In the east we are seeing much greater diversity in drafting teams.  However, Shadow Demon is still showing a very strong presence – either being picked or banned in almost every single game so far across east and west.  Vici Gaming and RaTtLeSnAkE have both put on very strong performances and will be facing off when games continue.  

Despite a fantastic showing by MiTH.Trust trouncing Mineski Infinity, it just wasn’t enough when they went against Rising Stars.  Looking forward to the match between LGD Gaming and Rising Stars when games recommence.

 Oh, and the compendium is now pushing $2.2 million – such an impressive crowd-sourced prize!  Have you been watching?  Do you think LGD will annihilate Rising Stars?  Who do you think will win between VG and Rattlesnake?  

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Last Updated: May 27, 2013

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