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Update: Sony not removing HD Gaming

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Yesterday I posted a story about the gamestop internal memo that was warning employee’s that the latest PS3 console will no longer allow HD playback and gaming over component cables.

Well Sony has now officially confirmed parts of the story and thankfully it isn’t as bad as originally stated by that internal memo.

As predicted the removal of HD playback over component cables is entirely down to the new AACS regulations and is directly related to the built in Blu-Ray player that ships with every PS3.

However the good news is that the only upcoming change is that the new PS3’s will no longer be able to send full HD video from Blu-Ray movies over component cables and into your TV.

It will not affect your gaming or normal media streaming at all so if you are using component and don’t really watch Blu-Ray movies then you’ll never know the difference. If you’re a Blu-Ray nut then you’re more than likely using HDMI anyway and if not you are going to need to change over to HDMI if they ever patch existing consoles.

Whether they are going to backdate this update isn’t entirely clear yet but to be honest I don’t see why they wouldn’t if they can so don’t count on it not happening.

Thankfully this update no longer affects me as I’ve watched a grand total of 1 Blu-Ray on my PS3 and have little to no desire to watch another one. Yeah it was nicer than a DVD but not by much and not by enough to validate me paying the extra money at the video store. Especially not when I have HD DSTV anyway.

Source: Arstechnica

Last Updated: July 14, 2011

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